May 31, 2017

About Us

Freshlook Solutions Ltd is a UK registered company and exists for 10 years now. Founded and run by Amit Maheshwari, the company always aimed to create and deliver newer solutions to the waste and related industry through its Business consulting services or through its hands on International Trade and Business development services.

Today it is focussed on the Scrap Metals trade internationally and with a clear objective to deliver quality products to end users, use digital tools for cost effectiveness and efficiency for all involved, thereby creating an unparalleled customer experience.

Freshlook Solutions Ltd has worked with various companies of different sizes mostly within the waste management sector and has helped them to achieve efficiency on Operational, Business development and Transactional Admin side

Today Freshlook Solutions Ltd proudly serves through its

  • Trading expertise on non ferrous and Ferrous metals, and other waste commodities
  • Processing expertise through a metal baling operation
  • Business development /Entry to Market expertise through a brokering service
  • Consulting expertise and unique perspectives

Freshlook Solutions Ltd today has a robust physical presence through its processing facility in the centre of UK.

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It now strives to create its online presence through a trading name “TradeMadeSure”. Through Trademadesure it is looking to sieze an opportunity to connect thousands of real and genuine business people internationally to achieve better efficiency and control for each and all. Trademadesure is an attempt to establish and ensure Trade is done in a sure, safe and most efficient way. This venture will run parellel to Freshlook Solutions current set of activities ( and will be launched in 2018.